Sunday, September 22, 2013

Surgery :/

I apologize that its been a while since I've updated. Everything happened so fast I've kind of been in shock.

So the end of last month I went in for another x-ray hoping it would show signs of almost being fully healed only to find that the bones had completely seperated again. I had been noticing some pain again at that time, but I thought it was muscular. 
But no in was the bone, so I ended up having to have surgery afterall!

post surgery 'arm candy'
It happened so fast it seems like a blur now, next thing I knew I was in the hospital recovering from a whole new pain and realizing that I still had quite a journey ahead of me.

My eternal internal cast. A plate and some screws. Those little hash marks are the...


My early Halloween costume - Sally from Nightmare before Christmas (heheh)

It was a rough first week, but I had so much support and love that I made it through.
Then the staples came out, which was not a fun experience but much more comfortable afterwards, and then some surgical tape was glued on for good measure, turning my Sally scar into a pretty little rainbow.

Another x-ray was taken its looking good I just have to keep being careful while the bone finally mends together. No bike riding or heavy lifting for a few months. ;)

I love you all and am so grateful to your support through this hard time.
Thank you 
Thank you
Thank you
-Nora Young