Tuesday, May 29, 2012

There Are Flags Everywhere!

Happy Memorial Day!
Long week, filled with homesickness, good memories, and small frustrations in myself.
The new bike is beautiful and the brakes work very well, but it also found a few goat heads this week, but the ward members are sooo nice here and so we quickly were able to get the tire fixed and green slimed, just in time for it to rain. hahah
Mission life is way different than I imagined, its been taking some getting used too, my thoughts have been turning towards home a lot this week, I look down at the sidewalk and see different bugs, I look up and see different birds, different trees, its been hard to adjust and I realized why this week. This is the longest I've ever been out of California! Its never been longer than a week for me, so I'm finally starting to really settle in to this is where I'm gonna be for the next year and half, not just a different part of California but a different part of the country.
But something that has been similiar is the love of the ward members. They are all so caring and giving and really help us out a lot. We gave two talks in two different wards and afterwards everyone was so supportive it was great. :)
When I was feeling expecially down this week I asked for a Priesthood blessing and it was amazing, it was the first time I had recieved one from someone who really knows nothing about me. My testimony was strengthened and my drive to be here and find and help those that can only be helped through me was re-inspired. I am no good at talking to strangers but I'm working my hardest at it, and I know as I keep working I'll keep getting better little by little. :)
We don't have any investigators yet and so we've started teaching the lessons to members to help refine my skills.  On Saturday we were teaching the Restoration and I was asked to recite the first vision and I remembered it all. It was a great experience. I had this calm sense to just keep talking, I knew I wasn't gonna mess it up. Helped me feel so much better and a little excited for more lessons. :)
Well I love you all so much! Thank you for your constant love and support.
Keep smiling! :)
-Sister Young

Monday, May 28, 2012

The Arm Update...Utah Style

Shortly before Sister Young left the MTC, she had her arm checked one more time to clear her on being able to ride a bike,  what follows is her adventure.
My arm was an adventure, we got to leave campus and go to a clinic.  We are in Provo.  The doctor was a BYU Bishop and the technicians were all talking about serving in Young Women presidencies. "he he"
They X-rayed my elbow and he said it is all healed.  Today is the 6 week mark.  He showed me how it will be able to go fully straight again.  I just have to work on stretching it out.  New exercises. "Yay haha"  I'm good to ride a bike, just no carrying things still and it was good I moved to the bottom bunk.  He said by July I should have no thought about it at all.  But it does just take time for the strength to come back, he said my hand was fine as long as it's not going numb, that could be a sign of nerve damage in the elbow.  After I talked to him I'm feeling much  better about it.

Last week we recieved a letter from the Mission President he states the following:

Send all mail to the mission office with your missionary's full name above the mission name.  The full name is important as there are many duplicate surnames.  Sister Young's Mission address can be found on the SLC South blog, link in upper right corner.

Monday, May 21, 2012

New Bike, Flat Tire, and Pink Moments

 Sister Young in front of the map at the MTC pointing to her Mission Area.  Check out that left arm action.  It must be doing alot better.
Sister Nora Young with President and Sister Miller
Sister Stander and Sister Young 

I think we're getting the bike today at the Mission office. *crosses fingers* The other one has a flat tire now. aaah
I love you so much, thank you so much for your words of encouragement, prayers, and help.
So, Midvale is kind of like Covina CA, but none of the areas are rough like they would be in California. But  in our boundaries its all suburbs and strip malls, and then you look up and you see Mountains. So I kinda feel trapped with no rural roads to go on, yet on the bike I'm happy there are none. The mountains are beautiful and the last few nights we've even had *drumroll* a Pink Moment!!  Not as pretty as Ojai but still pretty.
Oh and add that I'd love to hear from the singles ward! I miss them.
-Sister Young

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Leaving the MTC

I'm busting out this week!! Its been a great experience. I can't believe how much I've grown in 3 weeks, and how much I'm going to continue to grow in the next 17ish months now. I'm nervous to move ahead but I'm ready as well. Thanks for everyones support so far, I love hearing from you. :) I promise to have pictures up next week.  (Sister Clubb, from Missouri  has been Nora's  MTC companion.)
LOve you!!
Love Sister Young

Remember to check out the Salt Lake City South Mission Blog, link in upper right hand corner to see a photo after she arrives.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A Fun Image

Hey everyone!
I don't have much time because I was fighting with the computer to try to get a picture up. It won. :(
Things are going great though!
We teach at least twice a day!
Here's a fun image, or classroom building is refurbished with nice new carpet and chairs with wheels. Our hallway goes around the building in a complete circle. Yes you can imagine the fun of seeing elders going racing by past your classroom doors. hahah It makes me feel like I'm back at work, in a super fun way of course. :)
Love you guys.
Keep writing, and I'll hopefully have the picture thing figured out my next week!
Sister Young

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

First Email

Hey everyone!
Thanks so much for the letters its such a blessing to get a encouragement from home. :) I save them till the end of the day!
The MTC is way crazy, so much info is thrown at me I don't know what I think anymore. But I'm doing my best!
 I wanted to email a picture but I just realised I forgot my cable in the room. So next week I promise!
The adjustment is going well Utah its soo dry, but I'm finally starting to level out.
We went to temple today and it was so nice it felt like visiting home we even ate the cafeteria and it was the most comfortable I've felt while eating since i arrived here.
Love you all so much!!
Sister Young
ps thanks so much to the pattersons for letting me stay with you before I entered the MTC it was a great memory. And thanks so much to the  BYU Folk Ensemble(?) for the practice show it was sooo fun! And so sweet of you to give me those thoughtful notes! Thank you thank you! Any bit of encouragement is such a blessing.