Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Catching Snow

Caught my first real snowflake this week! So exciting!
Give a big hug and kiss back to Gram as well for the sweater and jacket :)
This week we've have a "warmer" 60-70's weather. teehee Its been nice.
I'm way excited for Halloween tomorrow! We will be out and about working so I know we'll be making lots of fun memories. hehe We haven't looked at our goodie bags yet. We will some time tonight or tomorrow but we are excited!
I'll be going to the mission doctor today to have my foot checked out. I've been getting a pinch in the ball of my foot after walking a while and I was told it might be something called nuroma so since we'll be less on bikes soon I just wanted to have it checked out to see what stage it's at and stuff.
Actually, I was praying yesterday to have the courage to make the call to Sister Moffat when our doorbell rings and there comes in President and Sister Moffat to check our apartment and our Area Book. So there she was and I finally just spit it out and asked her and of course the doctor was in today. hahah But we also found out that our apartment wasn't as tidy as it should be and spent more time cleaning this morning, (mostly clearing out old missionaries stuff that had been left...)  
But know that I love you! And that things are going well. We are so excited for a Baptism this saturday and hope to be able to  help her parents come back to activity as well.
Love you,
You're missionary daughter,
-Sister Young
PS Anna is getting so big! I can't believe it! What a cutie! I'm so happy to see her again soon!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Happy Monday P-day

Well, I am so excited for next week when I recieve twice the emails. Just like your last letter about roadsigns I've been all confused this month missing the roadsigns. I almost missed Jen's Birthday, I thought this week was Halloween, and then I forgot they had told me one week we were going to have a P-day on Monday because the General Authority over Missionary Work is having a conference with our mission on Tuesday and Wednesday. I was reminded last Wednesday and felt so stupid that I forgot it was this Monday! So anyway back to normal p-day next week on Tuesday.  Sorry for the confusion but happy surprise for you today I bet! :)

So here's some fun pictures!
1. Fall leaves, they're everywhere! People are talking snow this week. I hope I'm ready!
2. Our nice warm heater. :)
3. Study time in my new sweater.
4. A new halloween "friend". Frosty the Ghost Head. hehehe
5&6. And our Book of Mormon reading schedule for anyone that wants to follow along and read together with me. :)
 How are things going back at home? I've had to be careful this week becaues I've easily become distracted and depressed thinking of home, all of you and Ojai itself.  Yet it's beautiful here and well sometimes I'm just still to hard on myself. Ah, I need to stop that.  I know our actions do reach out to people I just need to stop being scared and believe in the simplicity of it all. Especially when the people we're talking to try to make it so complicated.

Thank you so much for the ballot I am excited to vote and am having fun laughing and thinking of home as I read some of the measures. "Only in Cali" I keep saying to myself. :)
I can't believe a year ago this time I had just finished helping watch the Ashton boys while Charlene and Trevor were out of town, I got my glasses, and was preparing to get my wisdom teeth taken out. How time flies, eh?
Well, I love you so much!  I'm sorry again for my confusion. But I love you, love you, love you!!
-Sister Young

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Follow Every Prompting

So Sunday I was having a bad day. I don't know why and it made me more upset that I was feeling so upset. I sat there in Sacrament meeting trying to sort through my thoughts when I looked down at the program. In there was an Ensign story about Family Home Evenings. We've been pondering of having a family home evening lesson for a family in the area so I began reading it. The story was sweet and simple, almost familiar. Then I get to the end and the tears started flowing. Who was it written by but the one and only Sister Brandolino. I thought of her and her great influence on me, my family and others. I thought of Lindsday and the time that we went through together after she had passed away, and how she is still a great strength and friend to me today. I was reminded just how small the world is and how much God is thinking of all of us. How everything we do matters and the influence we have on others is lasting into this life and the next. The program maker had no idea that I needed that piece of home at that time, as she wrote it years ago Sister Brandolino didn't know it would help me in that way, but Heavenly Father did know. And I know it was able to help me because they both followed His promptings to do such simple things as write a sweet story and use a sweet story.  Just as Elder Ballard's talk in General Conference tells us never let yourself believe that any act of kindness is too small, follow every prompting. I love you all at home and miss you so much! Not a day goes by where I don't think of one of you and the great influence you've had on me and know that I am out there everyday  working my hardest to be a great representative of the Lord and of you back home. I claim Ojai proudly. :)

 Thank you always for your love and support!

-Sister Young

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Staying Put

Sisters Crockett and Young at the Conference Center

View from seat

The District traveling from the Conference Center

Sister Young

So *Drumroll*
Sister Crockett and I are staying together in the same area!!!! :)  Same Address!
The only change is that our Stake is splitting so we are giving up 3 of our Wards to a new set of Elders who will be coming tomorrow. But that's okay because then we can focus even better on those we are teaching in the 3 wards we are keeping. :)

The Conference center is beautiful. The set up is familiar to church so it doesn't feel overwhelming even though it's so big, it feels comfortable and you go ready to learn and be strengthened. We were seated on the far left in the front during the Saturday afternoon session. I doubt we were even seen but it was still an amazing experience. Also we knew a lot of the kids in the choir, that made it so special as well. A session of conference has never flown by so fast, I wanted it to last all day. I'm excited to go again some day. :)
Its been getting colder alright. Today we are venturing to TARGET! :) To buy sweaters, gloves, hats and of course just have fun at Target! heheh First time in 5 months that I've been to Target. Never thought I'd ever say that, huh?
The new missionary age is way exciting. We're excited for the idea that in a few months we could be training 19 year old sisters. Won't that be a kick! I know it's totally inspired. We do need more missionaries and I think this will help a lot of young people make it out, as they make their decision and start their focus younger. :)  I know as the days continue to become harder, as we know they will, our conversion will need to be stronger as Elder Bednar taught on Sunday afternoon and what a better way than to learn and serve earlier in our lives. It's great.
Well I love you so much! Thank you for your constant love and support. I can't believe how quickly the time is flying by.
How beautiful is Ojai right now? Are leaves changing yet? I'm excited to see pictures of pumpkin patches and all that fun stuff. 
Love love love!
Sister Young
Utah Boots:)

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Cooler Nights

Happy Birthday tomorrow Jen !!! :) 

Awww I love you all so much. And please let the Ashton's know how much of a sacrifice it was to leave them as well. We're always around kids so I'm constantly always having these flashbacks and missing them too.

So next Wednesday is Transfer day we find out all about Transfers on Monday evening so I will have all the info for you in my next email. We know our stake is being split with another set of missionaries (3 wards 3 wards) but we're praying we both get to stay and continue with our investigators here. We love them so much they're just moving a little slow.

The picture this week is a reminder that missionaries have fun too! (If you couldn't already tell) heheh

It has been cooler at nights. We are going out today to buy boots and those fun things. Wish us luck. :)

We haven't been able to see the RS Broadcast yet but we are having a special "Sisters Training" meeting tomorrow and its been rumored we'll be watching it there. :) I'm very excited and I know I'll feel you and Jen there with me as well. :)

I love you all so much. keep us and our investigators in your prayers. Pray for us to continue to learn and grow and to not be afraid to be real about how we feel about this gospel as we share. I know that's what still holds me back is that dumb fear. Yet I know that once I am myself and real, that's when feelings change, that's when people want to talk to me, because I want to talk to them and share this happiness I feel. And all those great things. Little by little....I'm learning and growing. :)

Love you,
-Sister Young

Please note that the next transfer date is Oct 10th. So any mail this week should be mailed soon, until we hear if she is staying or moves and we get a new address.