Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Happy 5 months of Tuesdays :)

Yes 5 months today! Its hard to believe.

Thanks so much for the apron! Teehee
I was able to go to the broadcast of the Brigham City Temple dedications in the stake center near our house. It was beautiful and so special because  we were able to go with Preston and his Grandma.  Did I go to the Nauvoo dedication with you as well? It seemed so familiar.  Also, I will be *attending in person* the Saturday Afternoon Session of General Conference. :) So be looking out for me.

I loved the package this week and your printed letter I received yesterday. In my first area the YW were also in a RS meeting doing their opening exercises and I remember being amazed at how its all right there in the theme. What we are working towards and how you can say it every week as a YW and still never really understand it and how amazing it is until you have done the things it says, then it all just falls into place in your mind.  I love that we were able to have the same spiritual experience, shows how connected we really still are. :) :) :)
So guess what? I can drink root beer again! hahah It was offered to me a few times this past week and I drank it with no problems and it tasted really good too. haha
Things have been good here, going slow but good. I'm glad the weather is cooling down, today has been rainy and calm.
Well I love you love you love you!!
Sister Nora Young

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Ensign Peak and Heritage Park

Sisters Young and Crockett at Ensign Peak

Sister Young at the top of Ensign Peak

Sister Young

Knocking on every door :)  At Heritage Park.

Train Track at Heritage Park

Beautiful Missionary Daughters on the bus.

Hello Friends and Family,

The mission outing was amazing! We hiked up to Ensign Peak (which to get there we drove past Temple Square. Lots of memories came flooding back of the trip we took to take Ben to the MTC. :) ), anyway we went there to look over the Valley and ponder on the days when they were building up the town physically and to think of how we are here to help build up the town spiritually. It was a beautiful day and a beautiful perspective to take with us after the day was over.  After that we went to Heritage Park and got to soak in some more history as well as have a testimony meeting for the departing missionaries in a replica church house of the times. It was a very special day and helped refresh and recharge all of us as we went back to work that evening. :)
I still struggle a lot  with a lot of things. I always want to be more perfect and I get tired out easily. But when I have these moments of peace nothing can get to me. So I hold on as tight as I can to those moments and remember their reality so when the storm of doubt and fatigue comes again I can more quickly tell it "No I won't give in to you because I can't deny that peace I felt just a minute, hour, day ago." And then I'm able to work through the struggle and continue moving forward and come out stronger and grateful on the other side.
I love you all so very much, always remember who you are and how important you are to your Heavenly Father he will always help you in times of need.
I am always grateful to you for your love and support.
Love you love you love you!
-Sister Young

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Another Wonderful Tuesday

Your Welcome, Love Mom

Sister Crockett from Colorado and Sister Young


Its been a good week.

Here's my bike hanging out with some summer Sunflowers.
My pretty new polka dot shirt. Thanks Mom!
Sister Crockett and I having adventures at the park. :)
And a doll Yard sale we came across this past weekend. Crazy! :)

We've been working hard talking to everyone, staying positive even in the heat or the rain. haha And REALLY diving into the Book of Mormon during studies. We have been challenged to read it from start to finish from now 'til the end of the year, marking all the times we see Christ being referenced. I'd like to extend this commitment to all of you reading this as well. Its roughly 2 chapters a day or so, and I know that as we put that time and focus on how much it talks of Christ and follow Nephi's great example to pray and find out for ourselves if these things are true, Heavenly Father will give us the answer and bring more peace into our lives. I've learned so much in just this past week since we've started. Any part of this path of life we're on, Heavenly Father wants to give us the answers  we need, we just have to sincerely ask. :) 

I love you all so much! I am so grateful to your love and support it means so much to me and I wouldn't be able to do this with out you.

Love you love you love you!
-Sister Young

Sister Young also wanted to invite you to look up Mormon Message- Finding Hope.  It is about a 9-11 survivor.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A Change and the Same.

I'm staying in the same area with Sister Crockett and we are both doing well as newer missionaries just trying to do our best. heheh I've learned the area a lot better than I had in the past 9 weeks (only got lost a few times) and she's picking it up super fast! She's already taking the lead in biking us to certain houses and such. :)
We've been tracting A LOT lately and running into more grumpy or mis-informed opinionated people, its been wearing on me but I'm happy that p-day is here so I can refresh.

I'm so excited for fall. Its still super hot here but the evenings are getting cooler and we're hearing and seeing tons of flocks of geese! We had a thunderstorm a few nights ago with a sunset and a rainbow. I guess that's Utah weather for you. 

The change of companions took a little time to get used to but we've jelled really well and I'm talking a lot more since I've had to take a little more of the lead. So yaaaay. Some days are still hard. It still is weird trying to lose myself and find myself, trying to make the days meaningful, do our best, and enjoy our time as well. But I'll make it through.  Yesterday was a good Labor day, we found a lot of people outside to talk to and spent our lunch outside eating with our landlady, so that made it special.

Thank you so much for all your love and support. 

Sister Young

Sister Young's address remains the same.