Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Transfer Day

The time is going by fast - in "transfer years" I only  have 4 left!  I will be staying in Midvale (same address) and my new companion will be Sister Blasko! She was Sister Crockett's train-ee when I left Taylorsville. So we all know she's pretty much amazing! Its going to be fun and I know I'll learn a lot from her! :)
Sister Norman has been here since October so she is excited to be transfering to the Valley Park Stake in Taylorsville and be able to have all new adventures. (Even with hills)  heheh
Your year mark package came just on time! You should've seen the look of shock and smiles on our faces as Rapunzels head popped out of the box! heheh It gave me such a smile!!! And all the fun stuff in the package was awesome as well! Thank you thank you thank you! :) It really cheered us up on a hard day. :)

Thank you always for all your love and support! 
-Sister Young

Happy One Year! said Rapunzel.
A great place to get a snack today!
A beautiful Spring day in Midvale

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

One Year

So a year in 2 days!!  I can't even believe it!! I wanted to make a list of changes I've noticed.
I am doing so much better with food. Not eating too much junk food and even starting to like vegetables. Cooked brocolli is now my favorite! Strange I know!! :)
I can ride a bike so much better now, even in the snow!!!
I've mastered the trax system!
I'm still shy but much more comfortable around others!
I can survive so much. :)
And most importantly my trust in God has grown immensely!! :)
I love love love you all! Thank so much for all the great love and support. I could NOT do this w/out you all cheering me on! 6 more months and I will see you soon!! :)
-Sister Young


My Zone
We are wiping Sharpie off of a white board.  Sometimes Elders don't notice these things.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

This Weeks Mission, Quest, Thing


 We had a lot of lessons yesterday and maybe they didn't go perfect...but for once I finally said everything that I wanted to say and I left them with no regrets. Its a good feeling and something I know I can do especially with the help of taking care of myself and dealing with things that I just couldn't change all by myself.  Things are going good with those we are teaching, we love them sooo much! We found another person as well but were only able to teach one lesson because she's going on vacation for the rest of the month so we won't see her again until sometime in May. haha Oh well. Either way she's awesome too and had lots of LDS friends who invited to her to activities but never explained anything about their faith. *shakes head* We've all been guilty of those times. Lets not have fear to talk about what we believe, no one has to accept it, but really, most people are curious. This girl just happens to love studying religion - you never know until you ask.  :)


The rain is annoying, we like snow better, although warmer weather would be most appreciated, but we'll get through it! heheh Today, we just happen to get to have some "sit in cars and be inside stores" time. :)  It will be very nice. 
I also set up with Sister Moffat to see a dentist for my tooth, so that will be helpful.
Oh yes and here's my new skirt for when the summer actually comes! :)  If you find anything at the thrift store that seems like it would match and be nice and cool feel free to send it on over, I'd love it! :)

Well I love you love you love you!
Keep smiling! 
-Your missionary daughter
-Sister Young


Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Spruce the Goose

 I can't believe how the time is flying, its amazing that its been a year now since I went through the temple. And a year since I broke my elbow! I guess I "celebrated" that by dropping a chair on my foot last week. hahahah Nothing broken though. heh

I loved conference! I wrote out my questions and then wrote out which talks answered which, a lot for me was the reminder of ASKING FOR HELP and to sincerely do the simple things of studying, praying, and church attendance - not just going through the motions.  :) And just relaxing and being myself and reaching out in love to everyone!

Some flowers are blooming and trees with flowers are blooming, but everything else is still pretty brown right now. I'm sure it is going to look so pretty when everything explodes. Today was soo cold!!! But we had a fun outing, I bought a new skirt from Ross, and I printed some pictures to send home, and we just had lots of fun. After this we go home to finish laundry and write out some handwritten letters.
Oh yeah we also learned we like snow better than rain. It rained all day yesterday and we were DRENCHED! At lunch we threw our coats in the dryer and then after it stopped I couldn't find my planner....it was then I realized that I had accidentally left it in my coat pocket! So my daily planner went through the dryer. It had gotten wet in the rain but I still don't recommend letting it go through the dryer. ;) 

Have fun with the Elders tonight. :)  I was thinking something silly to be done sometime for missionaries is to have your main meal, but then also have a few choices of cereal and milk, some peanut butter and jelly sandwich makings, and a few different drink and dessert choices, and tell them your recreating the MTC cafeteria and that they can have whatever they like. heheh If someone did that for me I'd giggle. 

I love love love you!

Here's a picture of what makes it feel like "home."

 And of course some of the pretty tulips!

We are loving the people we are working with more and more and more and seeing them growing and blooming just like the pretty tulips. 

love love love!
-Your Missionary Daughter 
Sister Young

PS We had a winner for naming the goose. Marc gave the name Spruce the Goose. heheh Also we see tons of Pigeons at the apartments we go to, I'm constantly thinking of "Good Feathers" quotes as we go tracting. heheh


Tuesday, April 2, 2013

New Changes

So we had an announcement this week at our zone conference, that our clothing is changing again. Now we need to wear whatever we can to grab the most attention!! So this is my new coat.

heheh April Fools! This is actually a coat I accepted before I knew what it looked like. It's almost to crazy for princess oblivious, but it was a nice gesture. hahah

So really, I wanted to do something silly for April fools because the annoucement we actually had was that we're going back to only hand written letters. This is the last email I will be sending to you all. I'll still write things that can be put on the blog it will just take a little more time before it gets up on the blog. Thank you always for you love and support!


Heheh. So in complete reality, it was just announced this week that we can now email with Friends and recent converts!! So exciting!!!  So yeah, as you could see I had to have some fun with it! Hope I didn't shock you too much. We're not given too much more time to email so they'll be short responses, but I still am open to hear from anybody, especially if you want to email pictures! (That's my favorite part :)

So it has been a trying week, but this weekend, when we were ready to fall on our faces we had a beautiful turn around, a sweet family who the husband is less active and the wife is so happy and excited at the thought of a forever family. We are so excited to start teaching them this week. Its going to be great!

We had a really fun Easter dinner with our district at our Senior couples house who were sweet enough to have us all over. We were our own little family. :)  Easter was good to us as well, at the point of this picture we had already eaten a lot of the candy we recieved. So that's just what's left. hahah


This is Sister Norman and I this morning! :)

And this is our pet Goose who we see several times a day. Got any good names for him?  heheh

No updates about if I'm going to General Conference or not yet, but I'm just excited for it to happen! I invite you to join me in writing down some questions and waiting and praying to recieve an answer from one (or more) of the talks. It really happens. :)

Love love love you all!!

The weather has been warmer and then the rain and wind came, but its still not as bad as the cold cold. So we're enjoying it!

Have a beautiful week!!
love love love
-Sister Young