Tuesday, January 29, 2013

An Eventful Week

Thank you. :)
All your love and support is sooo needed! And soo appreciated. I have been reminded this week about trying to be too perfect and being to hard on myself. Reminding me how, sure, we're not perfect. But having a companion who's told you openly and often that she doesn't want to be transferred away from you is something huge! And to stop focusing on all the negative. etc etc. To remember that Heavenly Father's love is unconditional and he takes everything we do for him as an offering - big or small. Whether we feel it's perfect or not, if it's for Him, He accepts it and He makes it work.
It's been an eventful weather week! The ice storm was an adventure. I slipped many many times and Sister Rogerson slipped and face planted right into a snow drift, which has been a fun story to tell all week. hahah The inversion was just gross. I had to get a flu shot on  Wednesday and then I got a nasty bruise from it and was sick the next day. But oh well, I guess I'm better now and won't get the flu again for the season. We've learned how to teach a 15 step stop smoking lesson and it's helped us pick an investigator back up because he wants help to stop smoking. :) We also had a woman who when Sister R and I went to visit, had told us to not come back until April. But then she called us up on Thursday morning out of the blue and told us she had been reading her scriptures the night before and realized it was time now. She wanted to be baptized now. Missionaries have been teaching her since last May so she's been all prepared and it's happening this coming Saturday. Its been an amazing blessing and we are so excited to be able to just be present and ready for her now that she's ready.
I love you so very much. I'm glad you were able to have a great time with Anna and Ben and seeing Elder Anderson as just another good church leader. That's really how General Conference feels too - good, comfortable, and familiar. :)
I'm a little tired this week, but its okay. I'll keep working hard and do my best to help keep making everyone at home proud. :)
love love love!
Your Missionary Daughter!
Sister Young

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Happy Nine Month Tuesday.

These pictures describe our winter wonderland. :)

I will be so glad when the cold is over! 12 days till Groundhog day wow..that's amazing!
Thank you so much for the Lemon package! It was just the bright and cheer that I needed!! We are planning on taking today easy because Sister Rogerson is starting to get a cold. We had made plans to wander the mall but instead we may just nap. heh
We found a day old bread store that Sister Rogerson likes, and there's a Rite Aid and Albertsons near it so we're gonna have a different adventure with our groceries which will be fun.  Funny how much I feel at home in a Rite Aid, something about it just reminds me of good times with you and even trips to Grams. I enjoy it. :)
That's so exciting about Stake Conference with Elder Anderson! I really like him. There's a Mormon Message of his called "You Know Enough" that always makes me feel better when I'm being too hard on myself. :) I pray you all have a great experience with his visit. :)
As far as the work goes everything's a little frustrating as well, but we are doing our best just trying to get better at talking especially. We're both pretty shy and in the cold sometimes its hard to keep the best attitude. But we are out trying our best everyday.
I love you so much. You know when I got the stomach flu and called Sister Moffat to stay in that next day she told me she thought I was getting sick because I looked pale. Something usually only you can tell. It made me feel safe and know that I am in the right spot at this time and that Heavenly Father is taking care of all of us.
I'm glad you were able to enjoy your quiet time and lake time this week. I'm excited to get to enjoy those moments again myself,  but quiet snow moments are nice too. :)
I love you love you love you!
-Sister Young
PS Next Monday we get to have another Sisters Training meeting. I'm so excited!
Love you!!!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Having Too Much Fun

It has been really really cold! We have been doing our best with lots of layers and hot cocoa! This week I found some kneehigh socks that Jen had sent me and added them to the layers. That and my new coat have made a big difference. Sister Rogerson and I are probably having too much fun, but what else can you do when it's so cold, but laugh when you slip in the snow, when your head accidentally hits a branch and the snow falls off it and down your back, or when your biking and you slip on the ice or run into a snowbank. haha. But we knew that was coming when they put two Southern California girls together.  Last night it started snowing while we were on our bikes and you should've seen us being so excited that it was snowing! Because that means it was warmer!! hahah. Never thought I'd say that in my life. (I have pictures but I forgot my cord, so I promise to send them next week. :)))
I love you soo soo much!! Thank you so much for all your love and support! Give everyone a big hug for me and let them know I'm thinking of them.
love love love!
-Sister Young

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Two Cali Girls

My trainee is Sister Rogerson from San Diego California! Yes it's so comical to have two Cali girls together in this teen's weather! She is enjoying it and that makes me smile. She is a great girl and is willing to help and already loves our investigators and just wants to help them as best as she can which is definitely helping me a lot! Today I tried to cut her some slack and report some numbers for her, but she wanted to see how it was done so she did it afterall. Very helpful! :)
Its been a little scary but at the same time its just more of the same stuff and Heavenly Father has helped me through it, and as much as I was learning to love Sister O I'm glad our time together came to an end when it did.
I love you love you love you! Christmas Package should finally be in the mail today. I hope you all enjoy! heheh
Give everyone a big hug for me!
-Your Missionary Daughter
-Sister Young

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!!
So Christmas was beautiful! I loved being able to talk to you and be uplifted by all of your love!!! The day after Christmas we had a great missionary meeting and got uplifted by what we need to do and how we need to do it, then that night I came home and was sick with the stomach flu all night. :(  That morning I called Sister Moffat and asked to stay in, she said everyone had this flu and to rest it off. I slept the ENTIRE day.   It was an amazing blessing because I'm already up to full speed again. And its amazing how comforted I was by Heavenly Father through that time, it really built my faith in how he never leaves us. I was calm the whole time and just endured through it and slept and rested and knew I was safe and watched over. It was a great blessing and one that I know I needed because...
Transfer calls came this week.
I will be staying here in Murray and tomorrow I go to the mission office to pick up a brand new Sister from the MTC to be her trainer for the next 6 to 12 weeks.  I want to progress and if this is how Heavenly Father needs me to progress then I'll do it because it is a very big confidence booster that he trusts me  to help another missionary grow and learn the ways of his work.
I'll know her name and all that info tomorrow so it will come in next weeks email. :) But yes yes yes thank you thank you thank you in advance for your prayers and thoughts for me this week. And I am happy to be able to look back on being sick this past week and remember God is with me, especially through the hard times!
Thank you always for your love and support. :)
-Your missionary Daughter
-Sister Young

Young Family traditional Christmas Eve Meal
(Tomato Soup with Bagel and Cream Cheese)