Sunday, April 1, 2012

SLC South

Here's a little info about my mission area.

Its official website:

Which offers some amazing messages by the mission president, as well as pictures of arriving and departing missionaries.

In just a month and a half you'll see me in one of those arriving photos.
How crazy to think about!

And here's a map of the area Salt Lake City South covers(the light gray area)
As you can see I won't be serving in Salt Lake City itself, but juuust south of it. heh

I have been told to get ready for snow, I've never lived in snow, maybe visited it 3 times in my whole life.
I have no idea how to really get ready for snow but I'm excited to learn about it. :)

The most shocking news about this mission is that it has a very high baptism rate. I'm gonna be workin' hard. :)

Salt Lake City South Mission,
starting April 25th I put myself in your hands for 18 months,
in that time I hope we will become great friends. ♥

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