Thursday, July 4, 2013


Its amazing how our bodies adapt. I was just noticing this past week how I just naturally let my left arm reach out for things now. When in the beginning I had to constantly remind myself to use my left hand because it would hurt if I tried to use my right, yet I wanted to use right so much, it would become frustrating. But the balance has become natural now.

It reminds of, of course an experience from the mission! :)

While knocking on some doors one afternoon we came across a blind dog just wandering around in his front yard happy as could be. Moments later his owner came out of the house and started chatting with us. He told us that this dog had been born with no eyes. (he literally just had sunken in skin and fur covering where his eyes should be) We of course instantly started to feel sorry for the dog, but his owner changed our minds as he pointed out to us that the dog never knew anything else, so he just lived his life as best he could with what he had. As we watched him we could see that he was a very happy dog and he knew his way around that yard from what he could smell and what he could hear. The man related it back to us as humans and how sometimes we just get too mopey about things, and to just enjoy life and stop comparing ourselves to others, or getting stuck in the mentality that we could be happy if only we were free of this problem or that problem. We can be happy today even with our problems, and as we chose to be happy and look for the bright things we adapt better to our situations and realize we can do so much more than we thought we could  when we where stuck in that mopey state. We all play a special part in this world, lets work hard at accepting our lives and ourselves as we are today and never forget that we are loved more than we can ever imagine!

I love you all! Have a wonderful 4th of July!!
I'll be having another x-ray next Thursday which will be the deciding factor of if I'll need surgery or not.
Thank you always for all your care and support!

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