Thursday, May 16, 2013

A change in Plans

Sister Norman Sister Young and Sister Blasko (A trio for a day)

Its been a very emotional last few days. I fell on my bike on Sunday and broke my collarbone on my right side and big toe on my left foot. On Monday after lots of sleeping and attempts at the normal missionary routine I went to a surgeon to see if I'd need surgery to help it heal, luckily it didn't but I was told the time to heal would be about 2 months. I couldn't carry a backpack, couldn't write, couldn't really think straight because of the pain so I knew it was inevitable that I was going to be sent home, because I couldn't be a very helpful companion in my current state. That night we got the confirming call I would be going home Tuesday evening, so it was time start packing packing packing! 

I was able to enjoy a last p-day running into missionaries at Walmart and being able to say goodbye, watch Elders play dodgeball and spend time with my past two companions who are now together (so Sister Blasko can learn the area a little better from Sister Norman.) They are going to do amazing together! :) 
Saying Hello to the beach again.
 I came home and rested after a fun flight. Everyone was so nice and helpful! 

On Wednesday I was released from the missionary duties so I can just focus on healing  and we stopped by the ocean to breath in that familiar sea air. 
Differences from last year: Other arm in sling, longer hair, and foot hurt too.

It's been a strange shock to be home at this time for such reasons but I know there are more reasons than I can see right in front of me and I'm going to do my best trying to find them. As Mom says I've just been moved back here for my next Transfer or two. heheh :)

Love love love you all!
I will keep you posted on how things are going! Thank you all always for your love and support!
-Nora Young


  1. Oh my goodness!!!! I am so sorry to hear about your accident, Sister Young! It makes me sad that I can't follow your adventures anymore. I read your blog each week!

    My boyfriend, Elder Whipple, is serving in the mission you served in. I enjoyed getting the mission life from a lady's perspective :) You have some of the cutest outfits and a BEAUTIFUL smile.

    Best wishes :)

  2. Aw Thank you so much for the encouraging words. I plan to keep the blog updated with the weekly fun of recovery time. :)
    Hmmm Elder Whipple that sound so familiar, I'm sure I know him. Is he serving in the SLC South or the SLC Central mission?

  3. WHOA!...Not expecting that. Heavenly Father had an interesting way of 'transferring' you were he needs you. Just like you said, you might not see it yet, but he always has a plan for those that love and serve him (that's you :D). Love you tons and tons!