Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Taking Things Day by Day

It has been a crazy busy week. I have been stretched a lot but I feel myself growing and I know I can do this and I can become better, not perfect, but I can still keep progressing always. And I'm so glad for that, because there is so much to do! I'm just going to go back to taking things day by day.  There is a lot to do as you noticed, and yeah luckily my new companion likes naps as well, so we definitely take those needed resting times to refresh the brain and split up the day into bite sized pieces, I guess you could say. We have been working like crazy this week and have had some great exciting moments and some not so fun moments but we keep working through it and keep doing the best we can. I'm excited to get to go shopping today, of course because its so fun and just take some breathing time.
-Your Missionary Daughter
-Sister Young

"Fancy Pictures" from Sis Norman's camera
Sister Norman pictures - part 2

(l to r) Sis Blasko from Maryland, Sis Swearingen from Texas, Sis Kuoha from San Diego, California,
Sister Veith from New York, Sis Young from Ojai, California, and Sis Norman from Moreno Valley, California.
Sis Blasko is Sis Young's current companion


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