Friday, June 14, 2013

Not out of the clear just yet...

Hey all,
I had another Dr visit yesterday, the office was busy so we had fun taking a few pictures while we waited. 

Mr Skullhead
How an unbroken collarbone looks. 
how a broken collarbone looks when its healing slowly!
So the diagnosis: it is healing but a lot slower than the Dr would like it to be at this point. The break is called a Distal clavicle fracture and they have a tendancy to not join back together at all or to join just to a certain point and then quit healing, so because of the speed of the healing and the pain I'm still in its all causing alarm to him that I most likely will be needing surgery. *sigh* We've decided to be patient with it and give it 3 more weeks to see if it will be able to do the job on its own. But of course since the most important thing is that it heals well and completely we probably will go forward with the surgery if we come to that point. But I'm still praying we won't have to. 

Thank you always for your love and support. I will continue to keep you updated. :)
Love Love Love
Nora Young

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