Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Thanks so much for all the love and support.
  We had dinner at the Dayes this week, they have two missionaries out and signs around their house that say, "Missionary: Someone who spends time away from their family so others cans spend an eternity with theirs." Or something a long those lines. I really liked it. :)
Today we got to do shopping on our bikes, but its not too bad, we only needed bread and a few other things, so with my basket it worked out great.
We're going to the copper mines today. Its a big huge hole in the ground with tracters that have wheels the size of houses. Whoo! I don't really know what to expect but I'm excited because we're going with a member in our ward and her kids, and its a 45 minute drive away so I am so excited to get to be in a car and see more than the tiny boundaries of our area. :))) hahah
This week was extremely challenging. We were hit with cancellations (every appointment), headaches, stomach aches, and some harsh winds that tried to blow us away.  But did we get down?  No!!!  Because we've got High Hopes!
When I was feeling really down one day Sister Stander found the lyrics to High Hopes in one of President Miller's annoucements from last year, she had never heard the melody so I sang it for her, and it cheered us both up and became our theme for whenever things were hard. We'd sing a line to each other and laugh.
Just imagine us riding by on our bikes hearing....."He's got high apple pie in the sky hopes!~" and "Oops there goes another rubber tree plant!"
:) It helped us a lot.  And we have started to teach someone so please keep us and them in your prayers. This family is a referral we got and knocked on their door the first day we arrived here and just now it's finally all worked together for us to teach them. I'm definitely learning lots about patience and the Lords timing. :)
Love you all so much!
Sister Young

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