Monday, June 18, 2012

Lots of Meetings and a Big Hole in the Ground

Sisters Stander and Young by the HUGE tire at the copper mine.

 Haha Oh fun times with computers. It won't let me attach anymore
 pictures. Reminds me of home. hehe

 I hope everyone had a great Fathers day. I could feel everyones
 missing me yesterday, it was hard day. But I made it through. :)

 The copper mine was really fun. It was fun to go see a bit of Utah and
 that hole was crazy, they had a little visitors center too with lots
 of fun history. :)

 This week was full of meetings. Sisters Training, Mission Conference
 with Elder Ballard, (I said the opening prayer. Yes I was nervous
 haha), we also were invited to the Stakes Priesthood Leadership
 meeting because it was on missionary work, and my companion was asked
 to bear her testimony. Now we can say we've been to a Priesthood
 Leadership meeting. Never thought I'd be able to say that, it was
 awkward. We were very glad to have the Spanish sisters with us as well.

 So yes its been a fun exciting week.

 That is sooo awesome about Cody! Tell him a big congrats from me! He's
 going to be a great missionary!!

 And thank you so much to Erin,Tati, Kari and Sister McDonald for your
 letters last week! They brightened my day! And I hope to have a letter
 written back by this week or next week. :)

 Love you and miss you all.
 -Sister Young

President Millers message on the SLC S mission blog is about the Mission Conference with Elder Ballard,  check it out.  Link in top right corner.

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