Monday, June 25, 2012

New Adventures

What a week.
We had a special new missionary training which I was really nervous about but it ended up being so great! Friday morning I woke up smelling smoke, I felt like I was back home. The fire was pretty far away from us but the wind was so strong it pulled all the smoke into the valley. We didn't get any ash but we did have the smokey smell and orange sky for a day. It brought back strange memories and it was weird to not really be worried, like I would've at home.
Saturday evening I did an exchange with a sister in the ward while Sister Stander went to an old area for a baptism. I was scared to death and was really struggling hard through the day. The time finally came and it was amazing she was so sweet and caring and gave me an encouragement I've been needing. I have to be myself while I'm out there, and I've been giving myself too little credit that myself is okay. After that exchange we had another exchange with the Coordinating sister. I was going up to Sandy to her area for the night and whole Sunday and she was to stay here with Sister Stander. The other sister isn't certified to drive yet, So I got to drive a car! It was so nice!  The area of Sandy they are in is beautiful! Open spaces, hilly, closer to the mountains, suburban areas on winding roads all that good stuff. It totally reminded me of home, and getting to drive was such a treat!  It was the perfect refresh that I needed. I also brought no expectations with me so my fears didn't seem to follow me as badly and I was able to see how much I've grown and was finally able to see that I will continue to grow as long as I keep having faith and trusting in my heavenly father. I can do this, slowly but surely I will continue to grow. You too, in all that you're doing, keep positive thoughts and heavenly father can help you through anything. :)  Transfers this week, that's when I will know for sure if I'll be in the South or Central mission. Exciting changes are coming up I have no idea what to expect.
I love you all so much!
Keep smiling.
-Sister Young

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