Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Sister Young and Sister Baeni, who is from the Kiribati Islands near Fugi.

Sister Youngs district

Sister Brush saying good bye to Frodo

Lots of Birthday Love - Thanks

My window with cards.

What a crazy day.  Sister Brush is leaving for the mission home at 5 tonight and I become a second transfer trainer/co-senior companion with Sister Crockett starting tomorrow. But as of tonight I still don't know where I'm going or who I'll be with. How exciting. haha

My brain is a little bit of mush at the moment but I'm excited for this next transfer. Its going to have its hard moments but both of us are going to learn and grow a TON and we'll have each other to help pull us along.

But most importantly today here's some pictures. :)
Sister Exchanges with Sister Baeni, birthday packages, Sister Brush giving Frodo her goodbye, our District this past transfer. :) Lots of fun memories.

I love you love you love you!
Thank you always for your love and support!
-Sister Young

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