Wednesday, November 28, 2012

I Am Going to Like it Here

I'm so glad everyone had a great Thanksgiving together!
"I am going to like it here...If I go to another place I am going to like it there." (Such is the life of a missionary.) heheh
It was very hard to be in a new area but it helped with the pains of missing home, I was missing Taylorsville instead. funny eh? So like I said in the last email, people in this area had said they hoped I'd come here soon and here I am and they are still teaching some of the people I had lessons with that one day I was serving here. I know I'm here for a reason to help them. But that doesn't make it any less hard to get used to a new area and new people. But it does help me face my struggle of wanting to be able to be comfortable with people I have just met. (I'm not so good at it yet.) But I'm working hard and praying praying praying.
My new companion's name is....*Drumroll* Sister Ogzewalla!  Yes, my first task for myself was to learn how to say it then learn how to spell it. :)  She is very different from Sister Crockett but we are getting along well. There's always the growing pains of getting used to each other but things are going well.  The landlady here is the sweetest lady ever.  I haven't named the squirrel yet but he's so cute and keeps me company as I study, which I've been doing a lot because I  have been struggling, wishing I was better at this already. So study study study I go.  Sorry I don't have any pictures yet. A little scatterbrained but I will have some next week. :)
Thank you Mom, so much for your letter! It helped me so much to  hear from  you so quickly in a new area. :) And thank you for reminding me to take the moment to move in. I finished my unpacking that day and put things around that make me comfortable and made it feel like home. Then I took a deep breath and thought about the things I was thankful for in this new area and imagined how it will be when its all comfortable, and then I was able to start fresh. :)
I love you love you love you!
Sister Young

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