Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Halloween was so fun! Our 'costume' was to dress similar which was fun. Lots of people noticed as well. heheh The weather was beautiful that day, it felt like Halloween all day and it was sooo fun to have people out and about with us after dark. We're so used to being all alone on our bikes on quiet streets during the evening that we loved having the company and watching all the hustle and bustle.
Caren's baptism was beautiful she had so much support from extended family coming in out of town. It was amazing. And we were blessed to have started to teach 2 new families.  :)  We also have had lots of fun raking leaves as our service this past week. Good thing I had lots of practice before I came out,eh? ;)
I love you all so much! Remember your importance to your Heavenly Father and to others. I've realized these past few days that we are all being watched and noticed by somebody, even if we're open or closed etc etc etc, no matter what we do people notice. So let's work hard and do our best to be a good example!  Because that is what's going to do the most good for the people that are noticing us.  Just seeing you do something nice to someone else can change a whole persons day or outlook. Let's stop thinking about ourselves and trying to hide what's most important to us and think about how it could help them to see us put those things first. Stand out as a representative of Christ and keep doing your best. No moment is wasted. :)
Thank you always!
-Sister Young

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