Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Our Beautiful Topa Topas

Thank you so much for the beautiful Ojai pictures! Even pretty snow covered Utah mountains can't beat our beautiful Topa Topas.  I'm probably just biased, but still! ;) 

 I received the Sunday programs, it was SO NICE to look back and be able to see positive things I'd written. We're still going through some hard times with those we are teaching and trying to teach, but we keep working hard to just smile and cheer on everyone we can. Our talks and our gospel essentials class went well last Sunday. We were very tired afterwards though, we had even less sleep from daylight savings because we had gotten up early for meetings. whoo! But it was fun and we always love to see how much we can do in a day with our Heavenly Father's help!
We are so excited to be going to the Jordan River Temple today, it will be such a nice refresh. :)
One of the wards had a really fun chili cook off last Friday that we invited a lot of people to. It made me think, when is the one at home happening? Soon I guess huh? Crazy how time is flying! I love how you said spring is coming and I'll be following after soon. :) I love love love you!! Thank you so much for all your love and support. It is so appreciated and sooo needed, I pray that I can keep growing and pushing myself just a little each day, and your support plays a huge part in that.

Your missionary Daughter
Sister Young
Jordan River Temple
My welcoming committee

Orange and Bike socks that I couldn't resist at Target.
On bike with snow all around.

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