Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Spring Cleaning

With the coming of Easter I've been learning more and more about the atonement. Not in my studies but through my experiences. The new area is beautiful, Sister Norman is a great companion. I  see my old area many times a day (I am just across the freeway after all and sometimes we have to use Winchester's stoplight to cross 900E)  I have that "aww my old area" moment but it doesn't overtake me. Its been such a huge blessing. The not fun part of this week was my stomach was sick most of the time. I'm not sure if it was from the changes, or if I got a small stomach flu or what. But there were lots of times where I didn't want to take another step or pedal further, but somehow I could. I never told Sister Norman because we really had a lot to do and I could keep going because she wanted to keep going, it was amazing how I was blessed. As I look back it was about 3 hours throughout  each day that I had to endure some discomfort and then I'd be fine. Those 3 hours where bad though and I knew if it kept up, I'd have to call and do something about it.  But I'm past whatever is was now and I'm feeling a lot better and I know why I'm here and that the time is going to go by so fast that I can make it through. I can really feel and see Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ's love for us all in so many ways big and small.
Email is so late today because it was spring cleaning. We spent all morning cleaning, cleaning, cleaning  and organizing our apartment - kitchen, bathroom, livingroom, bedroom, studyroom. etc. I'm glad for the elbow grease that was instilled in me. It was hard work but lots of fun. And now "home" feels all refreshed. heheh
I felt so spoiled to get letters so quickly. And yes I did make a boo boo, the zip code is 84047. Thank you for bringing that to my attention. Things have been moving so fast lately I hadn't even noticed! 
That is sooo exciting about Ben's bug! I love how its even White too! Like all their cars. Perfect fit! teehee!
I hope everyone has a Happy Happy Easter! I'll probably find out by next week if I'll get to take another trip to General Conference. I almost know the Trax schedule by heart now. heheh
Know that I love love love you!! And think of you often!
Your Missionary Daughter!
-Sister Young


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