Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Transfer Day

The time is going by fast - in "transfer years" I only  have 4 left!  I will be staying in Midvale (same address) and my new companion will be Sister Blasko! She was Sister Crockett's train-ee when I left Taylorsville. So we all know she's pretty much amazing! Its going to be fun and I know I'll learn a lot from her! :)
Sister Norman has been here since October so she is excited to be transfering to the Valley Park Stake in Taylorsville and be able to have all new adventures. (Even with hills)  heheh
Your year mark package came just on time! You should've seen the look of shock and smiles on our faces as Rapunzels head popped out of the box! heheh It gave me such a smile!!! And all the fun stuff in the package was awesome as well! Thank you thank you thank you! :) It really cheered us up on a hard day. :)

Thank you always for all your love and support! 
-Sister Young

Happy One Year! said Rapunzel.
A great place to get a snack today!
A beautiful Spring day in Midvale

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