Wednesday, May 2, 2012

First Email

Hey everyone!
Thanks so much for the letters its such a blessing to get a encouragement from home. :) I save them till the end of the day!
The MTC is way crazy, so much info is thrown at me I don't know what I think anymore. But I'm doing my best!
 I wanted to email a picture but I just realised I forgot my cable in the room. So next week I promise!
The adjustment is going well Utah its soo dry, but I'm finally starting to level out.
We went to temple today and it was so nice it felt like visiting home we even ate the cafeteria and it was the most comfortable I've felt while eating since i arrived here.
Love you all so much!!
Sister Young
ps thanks so much to the pattersons for letting me stay with you before I entered the MTC it was a great memory. And thanks so much to the  BYU Folk Ensemble(?) for the practice show it was sooo fun! And so sweet of you to give me those thoughtful notes! Thank you thank you! Any bit of encouragement is such a blessing.

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