Monday, May 28, 2012

The Arm Update...Utah Style

Shortly before Sister Young left the MTC, she had her arm checked one more time to clear her on being able to ride a bike,  what follows is her adventure.
My arm was an adventure, we got to leave campus and go to a clinic.  We are in Provo.  The doctor was a BYU Bishop and the technicians were all talking about serving in Young Women presidencies. "he he"
They X-rayed my elbow and he said it is all healed.  Today is the 6 week mark.  He showed me how it will be able to go fully straight again.  I just have to work on stretching it out.  New exercises. "Yay haha"  I'm good to ride a bike, just no carrying things still and it was good I moved to the bottom bunk.  He said by July I should have no thought about it at all.  But it does just take time for the strength to come back, he said my hand was fine as long as it's not going numb, that could be a sign of nerve damage in the elbow.  After I talked to him I'm feeling much  better about it.

Last week we recieved a letter from the Mission President he states the following:

Send all mail to the mission office with your missionary's full name above the mission name.  The full name is important as there are many duplicate surnames.  Sister Young's Mission address can be found on the SLC South blog, link in upper right corner.

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