Monday, July 2, 2012

Hand Picked for a Roller Coaster

 Things are way hectic because of the new mission so I don't have much
 time, but I just wanted to say I'm doing good and I love you all.
 So things are changing left and right and its a little hard to keep up
 with, but I'm hanging in there.
 I was transfered last week I am now serving in the Taylorsville South
 Stake with Sister Brush. She's from Seattle and has 7 weeks left. :)

 Tomorrow we have our first Mission Conference as the Salt Lake City
 Central mission, we were hand picked to be pioneers in this new
 mission so let the roller coaster go flying down the hill, huh? Yes
 that's totally how we're feeling, its overwhelming and exciting at the
 same time. But it'll be good. :)
 Please, keep this new mission in your prayers.
 Love Sister Young

(Addresses to come, we need some verification- zip codes, etc.)
Check Sister Young, and the whole Mission out in the photo on the SLC-S Mission blog, link in the upper right hand corner, she is wearing her orange skirt

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