Tuesday, July 17, 2012

No Transfer

Transfers have come and gone and Sister Brush and I are staying together in the Taylorsville South Stake. :)  I am 'killing' her as they say in mission lingo. Which just means I'm going to be her very last companion. We are going to work our hardest together to find those in this area that are ready to be baptized. Its going to be a great transfer. :)

This week was extremely bumpy, but it has some good parts too.
- Free Slurpee Day, 7/11 just happens to be Sister Brush's Baptism day so we enjoyed free slurpees in the heat.
- Knowing now that I'll be here for a while I've felt more comfortable to unpack a little more. The pictures are of things that make it feel like home. :) 
- After an extremely rough weekend we had a beautiful breakthrough yesterday.  Taught a great kid who's super ready to be baptised, and then while knocking a door found a woman who has been less active for a while but is really interested in coming back and recieving her patriarchcal blessing. And just our overall spirits were lifted, we got caught in a thunderstorm without our coats and just laughed about it as we sped home on our bikes to go get them.

-Getting mail to the house has been so great, its been the perfect perk on some of the really rough days. And the package Yesterday totally saved me! It was such a fun "lasagna package". I can't believe how much was packed into that tiny package. Thank you so much. I love love loved it! Teehee ;)

You asked about 4th of July. It was sadly a pretty quiet day. We went to a ward's breakfast, and had BBQ dinner at a members house. But where we were out and about it didn't even feel like 4th of July, other than when we went to bed we were serenaded by fireworks until midnight or so. hahah  I've been told that July 24th is the day when everything shuts down so we shall see. :)

Love you all.

Have an amazing week!

Sister Young

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