Tuesday, July 10, 2012

P-Days, Heat, and Kinks

Thank you everyone for your prayers this week. With Holidays and Birthday's back home I could really feel all the love from home surrounding me and lifting me up.
So as you probably know now p-day's have been changed to Tuesdays!  It was a shock but  it'll be good once we get fully used to it. :)

Whoo! has it been hot lately, but we've been surviving, drinking lots of water, finding shade and getting to hide out from the heat as we teach people. I'm slowly but surely becoming better at getting over my stage fright as you said Mom and relying more on the paying close attention to the person we're with and knowing the spirit will help me know how to help them.  Every little thing affects it, so I've yet again been working hard on keeping my thoughts happy even in this heat. hahah I'm glad the Birthday package made it to everyone safe and sound and I'm glad everyone enjoyed it too. :) I had been collecting things for a while so I was glad we were able to get to a post office that day. :)

The "Don't Worry About Anything" "Pray about everything" "Tell God what you need." card has been my motto this week. I have it at my study table and look at it every time I pass it for extra strength. I had planned to add a picture of it today but alas I forgot my cord. :( So next week. 

The start of this new mission is going to  be quite an adventure they are slowly but surely changing some things about missionary work and its up to us to help smooth out the kinks. So I appreciate every prayer and good thought sent my way. :)

I've received  cards directly to the house from Mom last week and the rest of everyones mail is either a little behind from 4th of July or is still trying to find its way to me through Zone Leader  etc. But it'll make it too me eventually, one of those little kinks. But I am so happy to get mail delivered to the house, its such a nice perk especially on the harder days. :) 

There is another transfer on the 18th so I will keep you updated on where I go and what's happening and all that fun stuff. 

I love you all so much! Thank you thank you for all your love and support, it is greatly appreciated! :)

Sister Young

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