Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A Change and the Same.

I'm staying in the same area with Sister Crockett and we are both doing well as newer missionaries just trying to do our best. heheh I've learned the area a lot better than I had in the past 9 weeks (only got lost a few times) and she's picking it up super fast! She's already taking the lead in biking us to certain houses and such. :)
We've been tracting A LOT lately and running into more grumpy or mis-informed opinionated people, its been wearing on me but I'm happy that p-day is here so I can refresh.

I'm so excited for fall. Its still super hot here but the evenings are getting cooler and we're hearing and seeing tons of flocks of geese! We had a thunderstorm a few nights ago with a sunset and a rainbow. I guess that's Utah weather for you. 

The change of companions took a little time to get used to but we've jelled really well and I'm talking a lot more since I've had to take a little more of the lead. So yaaaay. Some days are still hard. It still is weird trying to lose myself and find myself, trying to make the days meaningful, do our best, and enjoy our time as well. But I'll make it through.  Yesterday was a good Labor day, we found a lot of people outside to talk to and spent our lunch outside eating with our landlady, so that made it special.

Thank you so much for all your love and support. 

Sister Young

Sister Young's address remains the same.

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