Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Catching Snow

Caught my first real snowflake this week! So exciting!
Give a big hug and kiss back to Gram as well for the sweater and jacket :)
This week we've have a "warmer" 60-70's weather. teehee Its been nice.
I'm way excited for Halloween tomorrow! We will be out and about working so I know we'll be making lots of fun memories. hehe We haven't looked at our goodie bags yet. We will some time tonight or tomorrow but we are excited!
I'll be going to the mission doctor today to have my foot checked out. I've been getting a pinch in the ball of my foot after walking a while and I was told it might be something called nuroma so since we'll be less on bikes soon I just wanted to have it checked out to see what stage it's at and stuff.
Actually, I was praying yesterday to have the courage to make the call to Sister Moffat when our doorbell rings and there comes in President and Sister Moffat to check our apartment and our Area Book. So there she was and I finally just spit it out and asked her and of course the doctor was in today. hahah But we also found out that our apartment wasn't as tidy as it should be and spent more time cleaning this morning, (mostly clearing out old missionaries stuff that had been left...)  
But know that I love you! And that things are going well. We are so excited for a Baptism this saturday and hope to be able to  help her parents come back to activity as well.
Love you,
You're missionary daughter,
-Sister Young
PS Anna is getting so big! I can't believe it! What a cutie! I'm so happy to see her again soon!

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