Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Sun Is Blowing Ice

The sun is blowing ice at us. That's really what it felt like this week. We forgot that when it gets really warm it snows the next day. teehee But we survived, although this time around I did grumble a little bit, but just during the really big storm on Saturday. I'm doing better today.
 We kept ourselves happy this week by planning this p-day. After we're done emailing, we're going to the Mall! Which somehow we just hadn't made it there yet. We're gonna have some treats at the food court and wander the stores. We heard that Build a Bear has missionary outfits in Utah, so we wanted to see what they were like, how cute they are etc. Just fun stuff like that. It's interesting too, how much cleaning gives me a sense of peace and purpose as well. Like I really look forward to being able to clean the bathroom on Tuesdays and change my sheets and all those fun things. :)
I'm glad to hear things are going well back home. I miss you all a lot! But I'm hanging in there. :)
Thank you thank you thank you for your card it really brightened my day yesterday. I wasn't even thinking yesterday about how it was the 25th and that it meant 10 months. How amazing the time really is flying by.

I love you love you love you!
Sister Young


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