Wednesday, February 13, 2013

You Ready?

Sister Rogerson and I will be staying together in Murray at the same address! Yay! But it will only be a 5 week transfer instead of a 6 week. Crazy eh?
Well thank you so so much for the Valentines day package! It was just the excitement we needed on a cold Friday!
I love love loved your hug! And Sister Rogerson is very grateful as well to your love! :)
Its been snowing again, so we excitedly shoveled some more driveways and gained a following of 2 Beehive age girls who had been playing in the snow. With our combined efforts we were able to shovel SEVEN driveways in a little over an hour! So much fun! And we hope it softened a few hearts as well. :)
You like the pictures?
The beautiful quilts are gifts from Relief Societies in the area. Isn't the orange one beautiful? They had a big stack to chose from and you know I saw nothing else but that beautiful orange! Then later that day I was given another quilt. So now I'm super toasty. And very grateful! :)
Today we are fasting for a man we are teaching. We're hoping and praying he gains his answer and accepts the church into his life, because we know how much it can help him. Keep him in your prayers as well. :)
It was amazing to see the programs. I was going through a hard time this week. Like you had said in your letter of just knowing I don't have the energy to do this the way I want to. So I just wanted to be home and sleep! But reading the things I've written home and hearing from so many how they love it and it's helped them, has yet again made it more real that whether it's the amount you want it to be or not it's still something and it still affects others no matter what.
I love love love you!!
Thank you always for all your love and support it means so much to me!
-Sister Young

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