Tuesday, April 16, 2013

This Weeks Mission, Quest, Thing


 We had a lot of lessons yesterday and maybe they didn't go perfect...but for once I finally said everything that I wanted to say and I left them with no regrets. Its a good feeling and something I know I can do especially with the help of taking care of myself and dealing with things that I just couldn't change all by myself.  Things are going good with those we are teaching, we love them sooo much! We found another person as well but were only able to teach one lesson because she's going on vacation for the rest of the month so we won't see her again until sometime in May. haha Oh well. Either way she's awesome too and had lots of LDS friends who invited to her to activities but never explained anything about their faith. *shakes head* We've all been guilty of those times. Lets not have fear to talk about what we believe, no one has to accept it, but really, most people are curious. This girl just happens to love studying religion - you never know until you ask.  :)


The rain is annoying, we like snow better, although warmer weather would be most appreciated, but we'll get through it! heheh Today, we just happen to get to have some "sit in cars and be inside stores" time. :)  It will be very nice. 
I also set up with Sister Moffat to see a dentist for my tooth, so that will be helpful.
Oh yes and here's my new skirt for when the summer actually comes! :)  If you find anything at the thrift store that seems like it would match and be nice and cool feel free to send it on over, I'd love it! :)

Well I love you love you love you!
Keep smiling! 
-Your missionary daughter
-Sister Young


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