Tuesday, April 23, 2013

One Year

So a year in 2 days!!  I can't even believe it!! I wanted to make a list of changes I've noticed.
I am doing so much better with food. Not eating too much junk food and even starting to like vegetables. Cooked brocolli is now my favorite! Strange I know!! :)
I can ride a bike so much better now, even in the snow!!!
I've mastered the trax system!
I'm still shy but much more comfortable around others!
I can survive so much. :)
And most importantly my trust in God has grown immensely!! :)
I love love love you all! Thank so much for all the great love and support. I could NOT do this w/out you all cheering me on! 6 more months and I will see you soon!! :)
-Sister Young


My Zone
We are wiping Sharpie off of a white board.  Sometimes Elders don't notice these things.

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