Monday, October 22, 2012

Happy Monday P-day

Well, I am so excited for next week when I recieve twice the emails. Just like your last letter about roadsigns I've been all confused this month missing the roadsigns. I almost missed Jen's Birthday, I thought this week was Halloween, and then I forgot they had told me one week we were going to have a P-day on Monday because the General Authority over Missionary Work is having a conference with our mission on Tuesday and Wednesday. I was reminded last Wednesday and felt so stupid that I forgot it was this Monday! So anyway back to normal p-day next week on Tuesday.  Sorry for the confusion but happy surprise for you today I bet! :)

So here's some fun pictures!
1. Fall leaves, they're everywhere! People are talking snow this week. I hope I'm ready!
2. Our nice warm heater. :)
3. Study time in my new sweater.
4. A new halloween "friend". Frosty the Ghost Head. hehehe
5&6. And our Book of Mormon reading schedule for anyone that wants to follow along and read together with me. :)
 How are things going back at home? I've had to be careful this week becaues I've easily become distracted and depressed thinking of home, all of you and Ojai itself.  Yet it's beautiful here and well sometimes I'm just still to hard on myself. Ah, I need to stop that.  I know our actions do reach out to people I just need to stop being scared and believe in the simplicity of it all. Especially when the people we're talking to try to make it so complicated.

Thank you so much for the ballot I am excited to vote and am having fun laughing and thinking of home as I read some of the measures. "Only in Cali" I keep saying to myself. :)
I can't believe a year ago this time I had just finished helping watch the Ashton boys while Charlene and Trevor were out of town, I got my glasses, and was preparing to get my wisdom teeth taken out. How time flies, eh?
Well, I love you so much!  I'm sorry again for my confusion. But I love you, love you, love you!!
-Sister Young

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