Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Cooler Nights

Happy Birthday tomorrow Jen !!! :) 

Awww I love you all so much. And please let the Ashton's know how much of a sacrifice it was to leave them as well. We're always around kids so I'm constantly always having these flashbacks and missing them too.

So next Wednesday is Transfer day we find out all about Transfers on Monday evening so I will have all the info for you in my next email. We know our stake is being split with another set of missionaries (3 wards 3 wards) but we're praying we both get to stay and continue with our investigators here. We love them so much they're just moving a little slow.

The picture this week is a reminder that missionaries have fun too! (If you couldn't already tell) heheh

It has been cooler at nights. We are going out today to buy boots and those fun things. Wish us luck. :)

We haven't been able to see the RS Broadcast yet but we are having a special "Sisters Training" meeting tomorrow and its been rumored we'll be watching it there. :) I'm very excited and I know I'll feel you and Jen there with me as well. :)

I love you all so much. keep us and our investigators in your prayers. Pray for us to continue to learn and grow and to not be afraid to be real about how we feel about this gospel as we share. I know that's what still holds me back is that dumb fear. Yet I know that once I am myself and real, that's when feelings change, that's when people want to talk to me, because I want to talk to them and share this happiness I feel. And all those great things. Little by little....I'm learning and growing. :)

Love you,
-Sister Young

Please note that the next transfer date is Oct 10th. So any mail this week should be mailed soon, until we hear if she is staying or moves and we get a new address.

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  1. Wah! It looks like my last letter went astray. But a super happy belated birthday and have fun at GC! You're going to love it! :)