Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Staying Put

Sisters Crockett and Young at the Conference Center

View from seat

The District traveling from the Conference Center

Sister Young

So *Drumroll*
Sister Crockett and I are staying together in the same area!!!! :)  Same Address!
The only change is that our Stake is splitting so we are giving up 3 of our Wards to a new set of Elders who will be coming tomorrow. But that's okay because then we can focus even better on those we are teaching in the 3 wards we are keeping. :)

The Conference center is beautiful. The set up is familiar to church so it doesn't feel overwhelming even though it's so big, it feels comfortable and you go ready to learn and be strengthened. We were seated on the far left in the front during the Saturday afternoon session. I doubt we were even seen but it was still an amazing experience. Also we knew a lot of the kids in the choir, that made it so special as well. A session of conference has never flown by so fast, I wanted it to last all day. I'm excited to go again some day. :)
Its been getting colder alright. Today we are venturing to TARGET! :) To buy sweaters, gloves, hats and of course just have fun at Target! heheh First time in 5 months that I've been to Target. Never thought I'd ever say that, huh?
The new missionary age is way exciting. We're excited for the idea that in a few months we could be training 19 year old sisters. Won't that be a kick! I know it's totally inspired. We do need more missionaries and I think this will help a lot of young people make it out, as they make their decision and start their focus younger. :)  I know as the days continue to become harder, as we know they will, our conversion will need to be stronger as Elder Bednar taught on Sunday afternoon and what a better way than to learn and serve earlier in our lives. It's great.
Well I love you so much! Thank you for your constant love and support. I can't believe how quickly the time is flying by.
How beautiful is Ojai right now? Are leaves changing yet? I'm excited to see pictures of pumpkin patches and all that fun stuff. 
Love love love!
Sister Young
Utah Boots:)

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