Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Happy Nine Month Tuesday.

These pictures describe our winter wonderland. :)

I will be so glad when the cold is over! 12 days till Groundhog day wow..that's amazing!
Thank you so much for the Lemon package! It was just the bright and cheer that I needed!! We are planning on taking today easy because Sister Rogerson is starting to get a cold. We had made plans to wander the mall but instead we may just nap. heh
We found a day old bread store that Sister Rogerson likes, and there's a Rite Aid and Albertsons near it so we're gonna have a different adventure with our groceries which will be fun.  Funny how much I feel at home in a Rite Aid, something about it just reminds me of good times with you and even trips to Grams. I enjoy it. :)
That's so exciting about Stake Conference with Elder Anderson! I really like him. There's a Mormon Message of his called "You Know Enough" that always makes me feel better when I'm being too hard on myself. :) I pray you all have a great experience with his visit. :)
As far as the work goes everything's a little frustrating as well, but we are doing our best just trying to get better at talking especially. We're both pretty shy and in the cold sometimes its hard to keep the best attitude. But we are out trying our best everyday.
I love you so much. You know when I got the stomach flu and called Sister Moffat to stay in that next day she told me she thought I was getting sick because I looked pale. Something usually only you can tell. It made me feel safe and know that I am in the right spot at this time and that Heavenly Father is taking care of all of us.
I'm glad you were able to enjoy your quiet time and lake time this week. I'm excited to get to enjoy those moments again myself,  but quiet snow moments are nice too. :)
I love you love you love you!
-Sister Young
PS Next Monday we get to have another Sisters Training meeting. I'm so excited!
Love you!!!

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